A drop of culinary excellence in every bite.

People will always need food to eat and a place to stay. No doubt, the hospitality sector will always be vibrant and hold a lot of promise. We realise this need and adopt it as our firm belief to serve better.

With our experience in tow, we are able to see opportunities where others see obstacles. We innovate where others stagnate. We flourish in markets where others have floundered. And quickly set up smooth running operations while others may only be making plans.

We currently operate several restaurant groups, targeted to different market segments. These are mainly tie-ups with leading chains interested in launching their popular brands in the Middle East.

They include Sangeetha (South Indian vegetarian), Ponnusamy (South Indian non-vegetarian), Lemongrass (Thai), Tapa King (Filipino), Café Coffee Day, Cream Centre and Yogurberry.

We currently operate 8 branches of Sangeetha and three branches of Ponnusamy in the UAE. We run restaurants in all our hotels, and also offer catering services to several Dhow Cruise companies in Dubai. Serving high quality food to tens of thousands of people every day is a strong testimony to our expertise.

Our goal is to expand our portfolio of brands, across the region while adding more concepts and ideas.


Our Restaurants

Sangeetha Veg Restaurant
Popular South Indian restaurant with eight outlets in UAE Joint venture with Sangeetha Caterers, India.

Ponnusamy Chettinad
Trendy dining spot serving South Indian Non-Vegetarian dishes Joint venture with Ponnusamy, India

A light-fragranced, authentic Thai restaurant chain in Dubai and Abu Dhabi as a joint-venture with Living Brands, UAE.

Tapa King
An exclusive Filipino dining experience for connoisseurs in the UAE who wish to experience native Filipino cuisine, first-hand.

One the largest and fasted growing frozen yogurt brand in the world. Yogurberry is a healthy option for those who can’t live without desserts.

LMZ Cuisines