Feel on Tapa the world.

From a grandmother's closely-guarded and delicious tapa recipe served at home to being one of the most popular restaurant chains in the Philippines with over 40 outlets across the globe, Tapa King has come a long way. LMZ cuisines has acquired the master franchise agreement for the brand in Middle East market. With the first branch opened in Dubai, Tapa King is set to soon spread across the region.

Tapa King was conceived out of the need to give customers in the Philipines a local alternative to fast food chains combined with the fun-loving lifestyle the people of Philipines are known for. With the staple Filipino taste and service, they are bound to serve Tapalicious fun for everyone in the UAE.


Oldest and most popular Filipino fast food chain with50 outlets worldwide.

With a master franchise for the Middle East, the first outlet has been opened in Karama, Dubai.

Consistent quality and service to loyal customers since 25 years.

tapa king

Tapa King