Designed to set your tongue on fire

Known for their spicy taste and heady aroma, South Indian non-vegetarian dishes are very popular with the large community of Asians in the Middle East. In 2005, we tapped into this market in association with the Ponnusamy Group. Ponnusamy is one of the oldest and most popular non-vegetarian restaurant chains in South India, and specialises in authentic Chettinad food.

Chettinad is among the most spicy and aromatic cuisines in South India, and has a very distinctive and unmistakable flavor. It uses chili liberally, and includes all kinds of fish, fowl and meat, as well as specialties like preserved sun dried legumes and berries.

We operate three branches - Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. The restaurants serve authentic mouth watering, spicy Chettinad food, along with North Indian, South Indian, International and Chinese dishes. Naturally, they have become popular dining-out spots for families and friends.



A leading chain from Tamil Nadu, India for non-vegetarian food.

Over 20 branches all over Tamil Nadu and Singapore.

We manage 2 branches in Dubai and Sharjah as a franchise and partnership with the Ponnusamy Group.


Ponnusamy Chettinad